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Are you looking for quality paving services? If so, look no further than Hill Country Chipseal. Since 1989, we have been providing exceptional services to our customers in Fredericksburg, San Angelo and surrounding areas . Whether it is asphalt repairs or asphalt patching services, our skilled professionals have the experience and the expertise to get your job done in an impeccable manner.

Hill Country Chipseal is a family-owned company with the knowledge and the equipment to handle chip seal (chip and tar) paving, resurfacing, repair and much more. Whatever your project demands, our trained staff will understand your paving requirements and get the job done within the stipulated time.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us at (830) 856-2506 for more information about our asphalt paving services.

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What is Chip Seal?

Chip sealing is economical surface treatment designed to protect and prolong the life of roads, driveways and parking lots. To best describe this, chip sealing is a combination of hot liquid asphalt cement, liquid A/C (or hot tar if you prefer) as a binder and gravel as the main structural component. Finally a roller is used to imbed the stone into the tar.

Why Chip Seal?

Chip Sealing is the best way to get smooth and durable roads. Much like paint, asphalt is subject to oxidation, sunlight, rain and freeze & thaw cycles. Pavement is also subjected to a wide array of different traffic loads and patters from day to day driving to snow and ice removal. Chip Sealing can be used as an alternative solution to paving.

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